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What konzeptplus offers

The "Cybersecurity" division specializes in phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) and security-supported identity and access management with AI (AI-SIAM) and is headed by CEO Tobias Gurtner. COO Leslie Gurtner leads the "Design and Communication" division. We have been an official Yubico reseller since 2013, trading in security products and developing business accessories.

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Yubico Certfied Gold Partner

Who is konzeptplus

Founded in 2011, the company is now a public limited company headquartered in the canton of Schwyz and employs 15 people. It is managed by CEO Tobias Gurtner, while the Board of Directors is led by business professor and lawyer Patrick L. Krauskopf. In addition to our head office, we also have offices in the cantons of Berne and St. Gallen.

Why authorities and companies trust konzeptplus

With its many years of experience and expertise, konzeptplus offers first-class Swiss Made services. Authorities, federal companies and small to medium-sized enterprises rely on their comprehensive knowledge of IT security and software development.

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Patrick Krauskopf
Patrick KrauskopfVerwaltungsrats Präsident
Brigitte Häberli-Koller
Brigitte Häberli-KollerVerwaltungsrätin
Tobias Gurtner
Tobias GurtnerVerwaltungsrat / Geschäftsleitung IT Solution / IT Security
Leslie Gurtner
Leslie GurtnerVerwaltungsrätin / Geschäftsleitung Grafik Design, Kommunikation